Finnish wood in a unique form

All Laatikkokauppa benches, stools and cabinets are hand made in our own workshop.

Made in Finland of Finnish wood.

All our products are hand painted with brushes in our Tapanila shop. We use varnish, stains, paints. waxes, oils and combinations of these.

All Laatikkokauppa’s products are made of Finnish wood. Wooden boards are made specifically to our needs on Ostrobothnia. The pine and oak we use on our benches are treasures from the storages of old carpenters.

Tuomaala™ Bench

History of Tuomaala™

Tuomaala™ -series got its name from a village called Tuomaala in Eastern Finland where evaquees from Karelia moved after Winter War in the late 1930’s. Different sized stools and benches were used as help around the house. They were originally made by the men of the house by hand from Finnish wood.

Tuomaala™ benches and stools are traditionally made with this old design, by hand, from Finnish wood.


Tuomaala™ benches are made in Laatikkokauppa’s own workshop in Tuusula. The wood is from over 80 year old Finnish pine tree thus making each bench unique. All Tuomaala™ benches are numbered with a serial number and the month and year when the bench was made.

The benches are made with traditional style and no nails or screws are used. The legs are attached with a wedge. This manufacturing techique enables the stool to be repaired by replacing the wedge if a leg turns loose.


The benches are processed with Libero spirit stains and Finishing oils. The branch endings are varnished with shella varnish. Tuomaala™ benches are finished with a thin layer of antique wax. Alternatively a hard oil wax, Bloom-wood wax and paint can be used.

JakkaRisto®, keikkaamattomat koivujakkarat

JakkaRisto® – stools that won’t fall over

JakkaRisto® is a wooden stool made of Finnish birch. The stools come in three sizes.

All JakkaRisto® stools are processed with natural stains and waxes. Every stools is numbered. The stools are designed by R. Pitkänen.


KÖPi Kenkäkaluste
KÖPi™ Kenkäkaluste

KÖPi™shoe rack is a storing miracle by its usability and capacity.

The unique design allows the same rack to include shoes, heels and boots in the same rack. Yet the depth of it is only 30 cm.

KÖPi™ is available in the size you want it to be. Use it to store your shoes nicely in the wardrope or in the hall.

Finnish Flag Key Symbol and Design From Finland -mark

All Laatikkokauppa’s hand made wooden products have been granted with Key Flag Symbol and Design from Finland -mark.

Key Flag Symbol is a registered collective mark. It demonstrates that the product has been manufactured or the service has been produced in Finland, creating Finnish jobs.

The Design From Finland -mark recognises that the product or service has been designed in Finland and that the company has invested in design.