Crate is an item with walls that is turned important by the space inside

Finnish wood captivated me when a small girl. Already then I wanted to have my own small furniture workshop. Wooden crates are just adorable and so versatile!

So Laatikkokauppa (translates directly as crate or box shop) was born. First came the online shop, later our very own local shop in Tapanila, Helsinki, called Tapanila shop.

Tapanila Shop

As a child I used to play in the backyard of the house where Tapanila Shop now is located. I used to dream about being even a small piece of the lovely atmosphere of this old house. Then one day that dream came true.

uusi sisustus- ja säilytyskauppa Helsingissä
Tapanila shop is located at Päivöläntie 15, Helsinki, Finland, in a culturally significant old premise.

The premises are located in Tapanila in nothern Helsinki that is one of the oldest suburbs of Helsinki. The building is protected by museum law and has been proclaimed as culturally significant premise on the area. To many locals it is distinctive part of Tapanila suburb and that is how we intend to keep it.

sisustus- ja säilytyskauppa

Laatikkokaupan tuotteiden valmistus

Our original plan was to include our workshop in the building as well but the space was unfortunately too small. So, our products are made in our workshop in Tuusula, but they are painted in a small painting workshop in the back of the shop.

All Laatikkokauppa’s wooden products are hand painted by brush in our small painting workshop in Tapanila Shop.

Finnish Flag Key Symbol and Design From Finland -mark

Laatikkokauppa’s hand made wooden products were granted with Key Flag Symbol and Design from Finland -mark in 2016. This was a very important step for Laatikkokauppa to get officially recognised as truly Finnish product maker.

Key Flag Symbol is a registered collective mark. It demonstrates that the product has been manufactured or the service has been produced in Finland, creating Finnish jobs.

The Design From Finland -mark recognises that the product or service has been designed in Finland and that the company has invested in design.

Other services and products available at Tapanila Shop-in-Shop

tee valaisin puulaatikkoon
Kangasjohdoilla teet mielikuvutksellisia valaisimia.

When I decided to start developing Laatikkokauppa further in 2014 without any final deadline, the moment of opening local shop in Tapanila was a crucial one.

We wanted to make Tapanila a full service interior decoration shop to serve all the needs of those who want their homes to be unique.

In Tapanila we sell products by several artisans, old style lighting conductors, refurbished furniture and the products of pop-up sellers that alternate month to month. Naturally all Laatikkokauppa products are also available.

Welcome to Tapanila Interior Decoration and Storing shop-in-shop!

Shop owner Kirsi Pitkänen on the right and her sister Pia on the left.
Our very own carpenter Alan, alias Repe, our Boxboy