59,00€ – 109,00sis. alv

Wooden crate designed for storing items waiting for recycling. Fits also into a small kitchen.

The recyclable box is available on a loose cover with a wrist strap or a hinged lid with an optimum leather grip. There are a few colors ready, some of the colors are painted after the order has been made. Delivery about 1 week.

Approximate measures: 48 cm by 21 cm by 42 cm



This crate was designed with a friend who had a need for a proper storing solution for recycling. The crate hides the unvanted clutter created by papers and other items that can be recycled. Just put in a paper bag, put the items waiting for recycling in this crate and grab the bag with you when it suits you best.

Functions well also as laundry basket. Other sizes and designs available on custom order.

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