260,00€ – 285,00sis. alv

Tuomaala Bar Stool. Custom made to your measurements.

Minimum width and depth of the seat: 25 cm

All stools are made without skrews or nails.

Made to order, delivery time approximately 2-3 weeks.



Your very own colored Tuomaala bar stool. Original and numbered.

Making bar stools is as follows:

We start by choosing a plank from our selection based on your wishes with depth from 23 cm to 28 cm. The depth of the bench or stool seat is more or less the original width of the plank. This is to retain the wood as it was when it was sewn from a tree.

Thus measures are always approximates. All bar stools seats are cut to squares.

You can choose the height, width and color of the bar stool freely, because it is custom made for you.

Typical seating height for a bar stool something in between 60-80 cm.

Please note that the stool with legs is approximately 7-10 cm wider than the seat alone.

You can choose from 3 different colormaps. For outdoor use you can only choose petsit colormap.

The shop keeper might contact you for confirmation before making the actual stool if there is any questions

The color of each bench/stool is unique because the structure of the plank, the amount of heartwood and other markings such as branches naturally affect the outlook.

Shop owner might ask you for more details to ensure your bench meets your wishes exactly.

Stools are stained with spirit stain, varnished, oiled with two layers and finished with shimmering wax or paint or wax. Color samples can be seen on the photogallery.

Please let us know when ordering if the stool will be located in a bathroom or outdoors. This way we can ensure the finishing is suitable for the conditions.

The  stained stool is maintained by oiling it frequently. Every stool includes a maintenance guide.