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The adorable Mini Sister by Laatikkokauppa is a crate that fits everyone and every home.

Use it in the kitchen for oil bottles and fruit or plant herbs (just remember to line the box with plastic to protect the finishing and keep it from leaking). Or use it in the bathroom to store small items, in kids room to store toys, or hang it on the wall. Fill it with something nice and give it as a gift.

Fits in the fridge with becerage cans. Comes with bottle opener made of birch as long as the openers last. If you don’t want the opener please let us know.

Outside measures: height 13,5 cm, width 18 cm, length 25 cm.
Inner measures: height 12 cm, width 15,5 cm, length 23 cm.




First there was a wooden crate by the name of Big Sister. Then came Little Sister and then Mini Sister.

Mini Sister was born as a custom made order for a crate to hold oil bottles on the kitchen table.

When you look at Mini Sister you know it becomes a Big Sister one day.

Painted or varnished pine. Handmade in Finland.

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