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Original old style Tuomaala bench, stool and stepper.

Name Tuomaala originates from the childhood home village of the designer. The matron of the house used different kinds of stools and benches around the house when doing all kinds of chores. The benches were made by the men of the house and the knowledge of stool and bench making was passed forward to children.

Every bench is made old style without any nails or screws.

Production of Tuomaala bench usually lasts about 2-3 weeks, sometimes less. Every bench is unique and you may order it in any height you wish. Read full product description for more details on how to make the order.

Two combinations available:

1. Staining in addition to varnish, 2 oil layers and finishing wax.

Stain colors available:

Light Oak
Dark Oak
Grey Oak
Greyish Black
Dark Mahogany
Brownish Black

Stained benches/stools/steppers are designed solely for indoor use.

2. White and worn out white paint with varnish and finishing wax.

Designed solely for indoor use.

3. Paint in addition to varnish and 3 layers of hard oil finishing wax.

Painted, varnished and waxed benches are designed solely for indoor use but can also be used in bathrooms.

Placing benches, stools and steppers outdoors will damage the finishing.



Your very own colored Tuomaala bench or a stool. Original and numbered.

Making benches and stools happens as follows:

We start by choosing a plank from our selection based on your wishes with depth from 17 cm to 30 cm. The depth of the bench or stool seat is more or less the original width of the plank. This is to retain the wood as it was when it was sewn from a tree.

Thus measures are always approximates.

You can choose the height of the bench/stool freely, because it is custom made for you.

Typical seating height is 42 cm. If you have no other preferances, we’ll use this typical height. Max height available is 49 cm. If you want any higher legs on the bench, please contact us through the separate contact form.

Small stools are usually 25 cm high and steppers 30 cm high.

Please note that a bench with legs is approximately 5-7 cm wider than the seat alone. Eg. seat width 100cm, the width of the bech is actually 105-107 cm. With small stools and steppers the size is more or less the same with the seat.

If you want any other color than what is available on the dropdown menu please contact us with our contact form. If you wish you can send us also a photo of the color you wish the stool/bench to be.

The color of each bench/stool is unique because the structure of the plank, the amount of heartwood and other markings such as branches naturally affect the outlook.

Shop owner might ask you for more details to ensure your bench/stool/stepper meets your wishes exactly.

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30cm 42 cm high, 30 cm 60cm high, 30 cm low, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm, 140cm, 150cm, 160cm, 170cm, 180cm