Where do all the wooden products you do come from and who makes them?

All Laatikkokauppa’s wooden products are made, painted and finished by hand in our own workshop in Tuusula. Products are made by the shop owner Kirsi and our carpenter Repe.

What kind of wood is used and where does it come from?

All wooden boxes and Tuomaala benches are made of Finnish pine.

JakkaRisto® is made of Finnish birch and all oak products are made of Finnish white oak.

All pine timber comes from a small sawmill in Häme county where it is dried, sawn and planed. Part of the timber is sawn into cut on the sawmill and part of it we saw ourselves into the actual measure.

Birch is mainly from Finnish side of Lapland.

Oak and some of the pine material for stools are waned wood found from old carpenter’s storages.

Gluelam boards (mostly birch) are custom made for us on a factory in Pohjanmaa county. They’re specialised in producing high quality raw materials for furniture manufacturing.

All our suppliers use only sertified and locally grown Finnish wood.

How much a custom made product costs?

Designing of a custom made product takes some time and depends on the details of the order. Also the actual production must be planned ahead to fit our production schedule.

Making one custom made crate costs around 10% more than ready made one so it isn’t that expensive. The price naturally depends also on the number of custom made items ordered.

How long will the production and delivery take?

We have very little influence on the delivery times of the hauliers, but common delivery time is normally within a week, 3-7 days in Finland. Delivery outside Finland might take longer depending on the destination.

We usually have ready made products available in storage unfinished so that the finishing is made to order once someone orders one.

Once an order has been made we finish the product based on the order by paint, oil, varnishing or waxing depending on the product. After finishing the product is packed for delivery and released to the haulier.

Are all your products hand made?

Yes. Every single one.

We don’t have an automated production line. We have however developed an efficient production method for building crates by hand that ensures quick production times.

Finished products are delivered daily from the workshop to our shop in Tapanila. From where they’re sold and delivered to customers.

Our staff includes a carpenter who builds the products and shop owner Kirsi paints them. Our shop has 2 shop assistants who also take care of the online store.

Can I get your products from anywhere else?

No. They’re available only from Laatikkokauppa’s online shop and from Tapanila shop.

Do your products withstand moisture?

All crates are finished with M1 class varnish or paint. They do withstand moisture in the sense that you can rinse them by hand with some water and washing-up liquid meant for tableware.

Do not wash any of our products in a dishwasher, this will damage them.

Crates with rough finishing tend to handle moisture better than the ones made of thin furniture board.

Full-time wetness or placing in damp conditions will damage the products. Please note the products are meant for indoor use only.

If you are using the boxes for planting make sure to line the crate with plastic. This will protect the crate and keeps it from leaking.

What colors are available?

We have 8 basic colors available for wooden crates. Seasonal and trend colors are available as well.

Please note that not all colors are available in all of our ready made products. This is due to the design that includes finishing suitable for the product and its use.

With custom orders and especially with larger batches the color can be chosen from a larger paint color map.

Can your products be used for storing food?

All wooden items that are in contact with food items either in storage or on display must be processed with surface finising oil specifically tested and classified for this use.

There are two of these finishing oils available and we use both of them. Both of them are colourless.

We recommend using the original bag, a serviette or a cloth when placing bread, cookies or fruit into our products nonetheless. This makes the maintenance of the product easier too.

All the surface finishing products we use are non-toxic and they are classified for toy use. However, excluding the two mentioned oils, they are not usable with products that are in contact with food.

Thus please mention when making the order if you wish to use the product for storing or displaying food items. This way the product is suitable for the exact need and won’t cause any issues.